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Social Media Slow Down

Social Media Slow Down

I’ve decided to start a weekly challenge - each week I will pick something that I want to change/do in my life and share it with you! I also will challenge you to do the same! Ready? Steady? Go!

Social Media. Something that I coined as a time-suck to my therapist. I find that I can’t stay away from it and that I have anxiety when I do stay away! The longest I’ve allowed myself has been 2 days (over a weekend) and I’ve felt better for it!

My weekly challenge this week isn’t about staying away from social media. It is about being more thoughtful. Not about my output, because honestly I prefer to put out thoughtful/clever things that I would like to look at, but about what I am inputting. What I am downloading into my mind and my heart.

I love following accounts where the women and men write captions that are thoughtful and sometimes emotional. Even though I tend to read them, I will like a post, read a little blurb, and then scroll on. I am challenging myself to read the entire post and comment if I feel inspired to do so. I already started this morning!

I want to fill my feed with people who I feel like are there for me. Are there to expose something of themselves - through their heart, comedy, fitness, whatever - but are there to really engage with their crowd.

I challenge you to do the same! Even if you only follow people that are posting pictures of their shoes and coffee (it exists!) or images of dogs and/or cats (some of my favorite follows), take the time to read what they write. Read what they felt was important for you to know!

Here are my favorite Instagram accounts that I will take extra time to read today…








So Happy Monday! Happy first weekly challenge! I hope you all have a great week, let me know how your slow down on social media is going. I look forward to learning more about the people I like to follow.

What it feels like...

What it feels like...