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Bright Sunshine

Bright Sunshine

There seems to be a lot of winter going on on the East Coast this time of year… I guess this is February in any place BESIDES Southern California? Ridiculous.

The bright sunshine occurs in other ways in my life… Here are a few things that have made life awesome since the beginning of 2019. A year in review, as sorts, so far, over 43 days. Got it? Good.

Ender talking more. For those of you who don’t know, Ender has a speech disorder called Apraxia (info here). I won’t go too much into it, but he basically wants to make sounds, but the muscles in and around his mouth have a hard time forming the words that he wants to say. A little disconnect between his brain and his mouth if you will. But, he is making such great progress!

The other day I saw an art project that he did with his in home speech therapist and he told me “heart” without me prompting him! To say I got teary-eyed is an understatement. It’s a huge relief to see the 3x a week speech therapy that he gets is supporting him and helping him gain momentum into the world of communication. Love that little guy.

I’m keeping plants alive! They are succulents, they are happy in my house. Per my Instagram profile, I am a wannabe plant lady, and wannabe is the key word because I have always been too lazy to keep plants alive. But I changed my mindset. Plants are a journey, they are ever evolving, changing, growing thing and there is no end game for them! They need help to live their best lives and I think I am doing a pretty good job!

Learning how to manage my ADHD. This is providing me happiness because for so long I thought that the only way a busy person like me could manage ADHD was to be medicated. But I am doing a few things that seem to be working! the biggest thing is called the Pomodoro Technique (here). I have a timer app on my phone called Focus Keeper (I sprang for the $1.99 paid version - big spender) and I use two different times depending on if I’m at work or doing school work. It works to chunk up your time into increments of work, short break, work, short break, work, short break, work, long break. Then start all over again. At work I do the 25 minute, 5 minute variety. But at home I do a 10 minute work, 5 minute off - with the option to skip the break if I’m on a roll. I think it’s helping!

Oregon State tassel. This provided me so much joy yesterday. OSU sent me a tassel to put up where I work as a reminder that I have something that I am working towards and boy, was it right on time. I’m feeling discouraged about the amount of time I DON’T have to do school work and have toyed with the idea of leaving for a few semesters until I figure out how to balance it all. But, as they say, time is the greatest teacher. I am learning to balance things, and although its frustrating it is going to be rewarding in the end.

Audible. I have been loving Audible lately. I have had a subscription for a few years, but I enjoy listening to books so much more these days. I like easy listens, autobiographical books of self exploration, and historical novels. Here are some of my favorites:

The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell

Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton

Into Africa by Martin Dugard

Alrighty, that is it for now! Unfortunately I started this post on a day when I felt very positive but finished it at a time when I’m feeling not so great. But as I re-read what I’ve written it makes me feel better. Here’s to bringing on more sunshine.

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