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A Birth Story

A Birth Story

February 23rd Decker Tyson Casey, my second son, was born into this world. To say that his birth was different than my first son's birth, is an understatement. I never really shared Ender's birth story, but I can sum it up to: it was an induced labor and everything took a long long time.

February 17th was my due date and when February 22nd came I had a scheduled induction for that day at 8:30am, and I received a call at 7:15 asking me if we could come in later - apparently the second to last week in February is a popular week to have babies! We went into the hospital at 11am, checked in, and were brought to a holding room, called the annex, to get the process started. The nurse started my pitocin, checked how far dilated I was, and put a fetal monitor on me all in the annex. Fun fact, I had been having contractions and didn't even realize it! Probably that whole week! Once I was hooked up to the monitor the nurse asked me "Do you feel like you are having contractions?" I said "No, that happens all the time" She said "Well that's a real contraction." Came as a surprise to me!

Once a birthing room became available, we made our way down the hall to get settled. From 1:30pm to 11pm all that happened was I slowly had my contractions increase in intensity and frequency. Then, at 11pm I decided it was time for an epidural. My pain tolerance had reached its max, I felt it was at a level 7, and the anesthesiologist came in to give me my epidural. It didn't work! My epidural didn't take, and after 45 minutes of just my feet feeling a little tingly, I asked the nurse to bring the doctor back in. He told me the catheter went into a vein which allowed the pain to stay with me. He gave me a little "pain booster" and re-placed the catheter. After that little boost, I felt relief right away. The epidural made me totally numb from the bump down. I could not feel anything! It was a weird feeling to not feel like my legs, were my legs! To move around at all I needed the nurse and my husband to move my legs for me. I got some sleep and at 6:30am my nurse came back in to turn me over.

Around 6:45am my amazing nurse, Melissa, came in and she and I were chatting about how she was sorry that she wouldn't be able to see my baby be born. She asked me "Can we wake Jeff up so that he can help me turn you over?" I was laying on my right side at that point. I woke Jeff up and he came over to help the nurse move my right leg, Melissa had the left.

The clock hit 7am, Jeff's alarm went off, he turned to turn it off and Melissa turned to check something on the monitor. Jeff turned back around and said "Oh my gosh there's his head!" Not just the top of my little babies head had come out, but his entire head from the neck up! What happened right after this is a little bit of a blur, though I do remember looking at Jeff and saying "What is happening?!" It was such a weird experience! I didn't push! Well, I pushed a tiny push to get his body out.

Melissa, the wonderful Labor and Delivery nurse at Sharp Mary Burch, delivered my baby boy at 7am on February 23rd. The momentum of my water breaking right before 7am hit is what pushed Decker out! He surfed his way into this world. But the story wasn't finished there.

He was born nuchal one, meaning his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. Decker was born almost completely purple, and the nurses were saying that if he hadn't been born right then, he would need to have been born via cesarean. Besides having the cord around his neck, Decker also had a true knot in his umbilical cord. Apparently, only 1 in 2,000 babies are born with a true knot in their cord!

The only repercussion for Decker that he was born this way is that he didn't get the chance to truly be pushed out - causing him to have a similar birth experience to a c-section baby. He had lots of fluid in his lungs and mouth and nose. But other than a few days of spit up and suctioning, he is absolutely perfect!


Decker Tyson Casey was born February 23, 2018 at 7am at 8lb 7oz, 21 inches long. He is the baby that birthed himself and I hope that he is always going to be a go getter and a self starter. The nurses and doctor (who by the way came into the room a good 15 minutes after he was born) called him a miracle baby, and I agree.

He is a rainbow baby for Jeff and I, as he was born exactly 1 year - to the day - after I had a miscarriage. He is the baby that I wasn't trying to conceive, but that helped heal my heart after suffering from loss. Baby Decker joined his big brother Ender in making this family of 3, into 4.

We love you Decker!

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