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New Baby Necessities

New Baby Necessities

As a mother of an almost 2 years old, I feel that I am well versed in the realm of newborn necessities. With our new baby making his debut next month, I wanted to share some products that I am looking forward to using again. All of these items were used, or are still used, in our home. Plus, almost everything has alternative versions that you can buy pretty much anywhere - these particular brands and items are my favorites. 

01: A baby swing

A baby swing was a lifesaver when it came to putting my son somewhere safe while I did things around the house - especially when taking a shower! The nice thing about the 4MOMS Swing is that it mimics the motion of being rocked in your arms. I used the infant insert until I felt he was big enough to hang out in the swing without it. Once Ender got older, he actually started to take naps in there without it being on. It pulled double duty, keeping him in motion and then keeping him in a smaller space to take nice long naps.

02: Infant pillow

We used our Boppy Infant Pillow every. single. day! We love it. While I was pumping, just after feeding, while he napped and I read, or just while dada and I hung out - this was where Ender was when not in our arms! I felt it was stable, soft, and safe for him to be on this pillow while we watched him. My only complaint is that the cover doesn't come off to clean the pillow without having to throw the whole thing in the wash, other than that - we absolutely love it!

03: White noise machine

We have used a noise machine since Ender came home from the hospital. This Sound Owl has been with us since day 1, and I love it. We only used (and still use) the heartbeat white noise sound setting, but we have utilized the nightlight setting off and on. We always use the starlight projection on the ceiling, which I think is a nice feature to add a little light to my son's room, without the brightness of a full nightlight. A white noise machine was paramount to giving our newborn comfort in his initial days outside the womb.

04: Muslin swaddling blankets

Not only used for swaddling, muslin blankets are a great item to have when fuzzy blankets are too heavy, but your little one needs an extra blanket. Also, we swaddled the heck out of our son when he was an infant - not all babies like to be swaddled but ours did. These Muslin Blankets are so soft and the patterns are right up my street for my new baby. With Ender, we enjoyed some softer prints, but this time around bold prints are our preference.

05: Baby wrap/carrier

This is probably the most valuable item on my Top 5 list. We never carried our first born in a wrap outside the home, but around the home, it was very VERY important to help us get things done while he was enjoying his time being worn. This Solly Baby Wrap is (and was) amazing. My husband wore it, I wore it, and I even loaned it to my friend so that she could experience the baby wearing magic for her little one. Our new baby, making his debut next month, will be worn a lot as well - especially outside the home. A Target run is made easier baby wearing, a grocery excursion is made bearable babywearing, and even an evening walk will be extra cozy - for everyone - while babywearing.

What are your top items for a new baby? 

Thanks for reading!

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